The Catacombs of Milos, on the island of Milos in Greece, date from the 1st - 5th century, and are among the three most important of the 74 discovered worldwide, together with the catacombs of Rome and those of the Holy Land. It is possible that the Catacombs of Milos are older than the ones of Rome.

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...a book in German. Its title is Der Schneeflockenbaum (original Dutch title Verlovingstijd) and the author is Maarten t'Hart. From the first few pages I've admired the writing style and I think I'm going to like this book a lot. t'Hart has also written books about classical music. 
P.S.My blog started as a purely travel blog, but I can't help including books, as I consider literature the ultimate travel destination of my life.   
P.P.S.More about the author in Wikipedia:'t_Hart

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…”Die Wand” (The Wall) by Austrian author Marlen Haushofer. It is an allegorical novel about a woman from a city who finds herself alone in the woods and has to survive in the nature amongst animals. The book is written in diary form and the style grabs the reader immediately. I never thought I’d be fascinated by such a book but it had a certain atmosphere which was irresistible.

Not a hero? The trials and tribulations of Theodor Michael

Although I avoid reading best-sellers, I made an exception for a book which in the past few months is to be found in the best-seller list of Germany. Its title “To be German and black at the same time” and the photo on the cover persuaded me to read it.
It’s the autobiography of a man who was born in Germany in 1925 from a German mother and a father from Kamerun which was then a german colony.

Greek names abroad

All Greeks have heard at least once in their lives that their talented fellow-countrymen are destroyed by the bureaucracy at home, but thrive when they live abroad where they find better working conditions.
I’m counting some examples.