And 10 more…

Well, 10 are not enough I thought as soon as I finished the previous post. Realizing that I left out some very important places and monuments, I’m now adding them in haste:
1.Pao de Acucar or Sugarloaf Mountain. The famous statue of Jesus Christ over the city of Rio de Janeiro. An incredible view from a peak that can be reached by taking two cable cars.
2.Great Wall of China. Guide books always mention that it is the only man-made work that can be seen from the moon. Undoubtedly the most famous touristic site in this huge country.
3.Table Mountain-Cape Town. Called thus for its strange shape, it’s simply The Mountain for the locals. Looks over a city that is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the world.
4.The Norwegian fjords. A cruise through them is a magnificent experience as the Scandinavian nature is incredibly rich.
5.India. A magical country with strange temples, customs, food, contrasts, religions, and lots of Westerners pursuing some spirituality they claim that they can’t find at home.
6.Santorini. Considered to be the most beautiful island of the entire world. A stereotype that accompanies it, is that it has “a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and the Caldera”.
7.Machu Picchu, Peru. The “Lost City of the Incas” in the Andes became known to the world in 1911 thanks to an American called Hiram Bingham.
8.Stonehenge. A prehistoric monument in England, connected with various fascinating theories and legends. Figuring also in the novel “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” by Thomas Hardy.
9.The Alhambra. A Moorish palace in the city of Granada, in Spain. Its architectural and decorative details are impressive.
10.Ayers Rock or Uluru. The famous red rock formation that is sacred to the Aborigines of Central Australia. There is something about its imposing volume that makes you want to visit it.
P.S.There are three more places that I would like to include here: Easter Island with its strange statues, the Galapagos with their characteristic fauna and Mauritius with its exotic beaches on the Indian Ocean.