An Athenian parenthesis

Writing about Leipzig is very satisfactory, but I was home for ten days and home is Athens. Not exactly a very easy city to live in, but to quote Bill Bryson "somebody had to".

Of course it's not as bad as that. Athens for me is all my childhood memories, all my adulthood memories, my friends, the Acropolis, Plaka, and other neighbourhoods less known to tourists, as well as various excellent museums, good food, warm weather, Byzantine churches and unique religious customs. It is the glorious sea nearby. Athens is open-air cinemas, cafes and tavernas, a lot of noise and dirt, and scenes that one can only witness in the South, like the old lady who is taking out the garbage wearing her slippers! Athens is the stray dogs sleeping on the pavement all around you, enjoying the sunny weather.

I tend to complain a lot about my country and my fellow countrymen, about their indifference to life's big and small problems. This struggle within me will last my whole life, I guess. It is a characteristic of all Greeks to love and hate their country and this contraddiction makes one miserable. Yet, it is a fact of life. (By the way, we Greeks are fatalists...)