Auf wiedersehen mein Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden is a very beautiful city in the region of Hessen in Germany; it’s actually the capital of Hessen.
I’ve spent here some years of my life and they have been happy ones with the occasional exception of course.
It’s funny how my first impression of Wiesbaden hasn’t been a good one when I visited it on an one day excursion from Frankfurt. But my dislike had to do with personal reasons, with things which had happened on that day, with expectations not fullfilled, plus with a persistent rain which added to my general bad mood.
Little did I know that day that I was to live in Wiesbaden and love it with all my heart. Because small enough to be comfortable and big enough not to be boring. Wiesbaden has everything: an Opera and a theater, cinemas, cafes and restaurants in abundance, it has a famous Casino and thermal baths, an interesting Art Museum, it has parks, it has its very own forest and also a very special old  train (powered by water) and over a thousand magnificent villas which weren't destroyed during the war.
For me Wiesbaden has now something else: a few good friends I made here whom I hope not to lose because I’m moving, and some memories which I hold dear.
Wiesbaden is very close to Frankfurt and its airport, so one feels in the heart of Europe here. Mainz, where Gutenberg was born, is also nearby.
This “Walheimat” as the Germans say, the adoptive hometown, was a source of happiness even if I wasn’t really the one to choose it. In reality it was God who chose Wiesbaden for us.
I owe a lot to Wiesbaden, to its beauty which inspired me to write many a poem, and to its people who were particularly kind to me, real guardian angels I should say. In the next few days I’m going to post a few photos of the most beautiful spots in Wiesbaden as my own personal tribute to the city.
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