Berlin is too big for me

After having lived in a big capital almost all my life, I have acquired a taste for smaller places.

Thus I would not choose to live in Berlin, although I find it is a very interesting city.
It has a lot of museums, which is important for me, and a lot of green parks and open spaces, which is important for everybody, I think. There is water all around and this is very pleasant, of course.

But still, although the population is not dense, I find that Berlin is too large for me, surface-wise.

I have visited it twice, both times very briefly and I have admired the beautiful buildings of Unter den Linden. I have also seen the ugly buildings of the Stalinist era.

The Palace of Charlottenburg with its gardens is a beautiful spot, the Brandenburg Gate is a must see for all tourists and the Tiergarten is a solution for hot summer days.

Berlin still looks like two separate cities because of the buildings and its history. But I guess it won't be so forever.