In black gothic Leipzig

The streets of Leipzig look very black these days and it has nothing to do with the coal which used to dye the facades of the houses in the times of its socialist past.

This is a different shade of black and comes from the people who meet here once a year for the Wave-Gottik-Treffen, a festival of music, theatre and other events. It’s really strange to observe all these young and not so young people dressed in black, gentlemen in top hats and ladies in long frocks, with a lot of leather and lace on their bodies and large quantities of make-up on their faces. It seems that Goth is still in fashion in Germany and in other countries as well. It surely is a good source of income for the shops and restaurants of Leipzig who play along and decorate their windows with black clothes. Even the omnipresent international junk food chain was offering black balloons with its logo!

It was the first time I saw something like that and I was naturally impressed. I kept taking pictures of the people who tried to look gloomy and scary but were obviously happy to be in the centre of attention.