Usually, these lists are made by the end of the year, around Christmas, but I thought I might have a look at what I read so far, from January till September. I am not going to attempt a review or a summary, just a few words about each of them.

1.Kevin Nilon: Living a lie

Autobiography of an Australian and his criticism of the Catholic Church

2.John Green: The fault in our stars

Love story of two young people suffering from cancer

3.Wolfgang Herrndorf: tschick

Two friends in Germany and their strange road trip

4.Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse five

A surreal account of the bombing of Dresden

5.Plato: Apology

Socrates’ speech before his judges who would sentence him to death

6.Jose Saramago: Blindness

An allegory set in a society where suddenly everyone is blind

7.Jakob Hein, Jacinta Nandi: Fish n'Chips und Spreewaldgurken

A citizen of the former People’s Republic of Germany and a woman from the UK describe how they imagined each other’s country

8.Marjane Satrapi: Persepolis

An artistic autobiography of a Persian woman who took refuge in Europe and a short history of Iran

9.Alki Zei: Faber pencil no 2

Childhood years and youth of a Greek writer, another autobiographical book

10.Anaïs Nin: The four-chambered heart

Description of a passionate love affair

11.Loriot: Herren im Bad und sechs andere dramatische Geschichten

Some of the funniest stories of the well-known German author and designer

12.Warum lesen? Warum nicht? (Diogenes Verlag)

To read or not to read? The pros and cons through sayings by famous people

13.Ricardo Macnack: Ein Surinamer in der DDR

From the exotic Surinam to the People’s Republic of Germany. The diary of a year in the life of Ricardo Macnack

14.Alain De Botton: A week at the airport

Alain De Botton spent a week at Heathrow observing the comings and goings of planes and people

15.W.S.Maugham: Books and you

The excellent author tells us which classical books he recommends

16.Jonas Jonasson: The girl who saved the king of Sweden

An African girl goes through a series of hilarious and dangerous adventures which bring her to Sweden

17.Töchter Afrikas (Piper Verlag) Anthologie Kurzgeschichten

An anthology of short stories written by daughters of Africa. Some very good texts by the best women authors who live in Africa or simply have roots in this continent

18.Μatthew Josafat: To marry or not to marry?

Τhe Greek psychoanalyst describes the seven psychological types of people and the marriage combinations among them

19.Alfred Sellner: Latein im Alltag

Latin sentences and terms which we’ve learnt at school and probably forgot

20.James Bowen: A street cat named Bob

A street musician finds a cat on his doorstep. The cat will become his friend and savior, and most of all his good luck

21.Charles M.Schulz:You're something special Snoopy

Classic adventures of the dog Snoopy and his friend Charlie Brown