Bravo Edmund De Waal

This blog is mainly about travels, but every now and then a good book I read or a film I watch slips into its pages.
Just finished reading The hare with amber eyes, the history of a collection and of a family, written by one of its members, the artist Edmund De Waal. I was so enthusiastic that I started watching on the internet all of Edmund De Waal’s videos. He is a great potter and he seems like a very nice person. He has a wide knowledge of art and books, whether he speaks about the small Japanese art objects called “netsuke”, or about his family, the Jewish bankers Ephrussi who came from Odessa and settled in Paris and in Vienna but lost their fortune and had to suffer all sorts of humiliations during the Second World War.
E.De Waal can also talk about classical music or about Proust, he is generally into culture and he must be a very hard-working man as well. After having finished The hare with amber eyes, he thought it was about time one of his grandmother’s novels were published. Elisabeth De Waal seems to have been an interesting personality and her posthumous novels The exiles return is to be found now in bookstores all over the world.
All I can say is “Bravo Edmund De Waal”!