Cinderella's Slippers

And they lived happily ever after?
 Did they really?
 In the spirit of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, this photo made me write another end to the story.
The Prince promised a lot in the beginning but then proved too weak to fullfill it, so Cinderella who had fallen madly in love with him, realized he was simply a superficial, good for nothing person. Thus, in a fit of mid-life crisis, she decided to leave him and her glitzy slippers behind and go into the woods to meet the grumpy Big Bad Wolf who turned out to be more loyal and more interesting in the long run.  

What is the morale of this story? Not all that shines is gold. Τhe Prince was good-looking, was a VIP but his soul was shallow and he had a vain personality. The Wolf seemed scary but he had more to offer.