The day I didn't spot the royals

Hi Niki and welcome!  It seems that they are very much loved in the Netherlands. Among those gathered was even a little girl wearing a t-shirt with their names!  


Although I don’t exactly see why should the institution of monarchy still exist in this strange world, I respect those who have different ideas than mine.
Besides, I believe I’ve never seen a king or queen before, so, as I was going home this afternoon carrying a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk, I thought it was a good idea to stop at a square where a small crowd was gathered, waiting for the arrival of the Dutch royal couple.  It seems that they had come to Germany on an official visit.
Among the persons who were waiting, some were wearing orange coloured  t-shirts and waving the flag of the Netherlands, others were there accidentally just like me on their way home, and a few were fans of royals in general, people who read glossy magazines about celebrities.  
On a wooden platform, the reporters were waiting with their cameras.
Because I had never in my life witnessed such an event, I didn’t quite know how to behave. So when the royal couple arrived, accompanied by many policemen on motorcycles, I realized that I ought to proceed towards the first row of spectators. Too late. Others, faster than me, had done the same thing. The only thing I could spot were those spectators’ backs. From the shouts of their admirers and the flashlights of the photographers’ cameras, I could tell that this was a very brief appearance.  The royal couple had come, had smiled and had disappeared in the building opposite us where a reception in their honour was taking place.
Imitating the others around me, I tried to take a picture with my mobile phone by raising my hand and holding it towards the place where I immagined the new king and his queen stood for some seconds and smiled gracefully accepting the cheers of the Dutch and German people.
Soon it was all over and I headed home with my loaf of bread and my bottle of milk which had stayed under the sun longer than they should.
But at least I felt proud as I could now say to my friends that this was the day I didn’t spot the royals.