The fish and the bird

This picture of a small artificial lake taken in Germany and most precisely in the city of Wiesbaden, inspired me to write a fable à la Aesop.
A bird encountered a fish and said:
“You must be very sad because you can’t fly”.
The fish laughed inside the water and some bubbles surfaced.
“You must be very angry at me because I can swim and you can’t”, said the fish to the bird.
“As a matter of fact”, answered the bird, “I can swim as well”.
He dived into the water and caught the fish in his beak.
“You see?”
The fish tried to laugh but felt suffocated.
“Let me go back into the water”, said the fish. “I promise not to make fun of you again”.
The bird opened his beak and let the fish fall.
“Creatures with wings are always superior”, said the bird and flew away, content with his magnanimity.
The fish felt relieved and laughed under the water. Some bubbles appeared on the surface.
Photo: traveller
Text: lavieenrose