A most exciting trip

Apart from travelling, I find that reading is a very exciting thing.
As a student I "fell in love" with a writer called Lawrence Durrell. His books made me travel to various places in Greece and Cyprus, as well as in Egypt.
Years before reading his "Alexandria Quartet" I had watched the film "Justine". I was too young to understand it or even imagine what Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive and Clea would later mean to me.
Of course I like his travel books and I love his poems, but most of all I can't find the words to describe the atmosphere of his Quartet. I felt so sad when I finished it.
And then I read Henry Miller's "The Colossus of Maroussi" and started desperately looking for the private correspondence of the two authors. I found it only a few days ago, thanks to the wonderful institution called bookcrossing.com and my great friend "Glaros" who had a french translation of the book (Une correspondance privée). 
The reader can learn a little about the real Lawrence Durrell or "Larry" from the humorous books of his brother Gerald Durrell. 
Lawrence may not have been a favourite for Greeks, particularly in Cyprus, for political reasons, but as a writer he surely remains an important figure.