"The old Patagonian Express"

I've just started reading this travel book by Paul Theroux and I'm sure I'm going to like it enormously.
In the past I read Bruce Chatwin's "In Patagonia" and found it excellent. 
It seems that the two writers were friends.
P.S.After having finished the book, I thought I should write my impressions of it.
Paul Theroux’s  “The Old Patagonian Express” describes the trip the writer took from his home in Boston to Patagonia by train. Theroux tried to avoid as much as possible planes and buses and stuck to the railway even if this proved to be a very slow means of transportation. During his trip he met all kinds of people, he crossed almost all of Central America and a great part of South America with the precious company of books by M.Twain, Edgar Allan Poe as well as Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson.
Firmly believing that pictures weaken memory, Theroux didn’t take a camera with him but took detailed notes of everything he saw.
In Peru he found relatives and…rats, in Buenos Aires he had to stay longer as planned for there he made the acquaintance of a famous literary figure. Jorge Luis Borges, being blind, was happy to have Theroux read to him short stories by R.Kipling. Theroux, on his part, was happy to talk with Borges about literature. 
“The Old Patagonian Express” is a long book, divided in chapters which are named after every train the author used for each leg of his equally long trip. The book whetted my appetite for exotic travels and brought me closer to a continent which is situated so far from me. It also helped me understand better Latin America and the mentality of its inhabitants.