So beautiful

Ιt’s so beautiful in the woods, here in Germany. It rained a lot yesterday and the path is muddy and slippery under my feet, but I can smell the fresh air. The sun is shining, the trees are dense and shadowy, the birds are gently singing, from time to time a more cacophonous one cries “arrr-arrr-arrr” but on the whole there is beauty, and peace, and bliss, Paradise on earth. And only, thanks to a distant airplane, do I remember that it’s the 21st century, the era of technology. Fortunately, nature remains exactly the same for ages.
I also remember my “secret garden” in my country Greece, in my region Attica, amidst vineyards and small byzantine churches; there, as well, only the view of a faraway plane which is soon going to land at Spata, reminds you of the time, the century, the technological achievements.
From my diary, May 09