Suicide pact

During a week-end at a friend's idyllic country house in Liguria, I got an idea of what Annie Hawes described in her book "Extra virgin" or Peter Mayle in his books about Provence or Frances Mayes in her memoirs of Tuscany or even John Mole in his autobiographical "It's all greek to me". 
My brief stay on italian soil, near the french border, provided me also with two pieces of information regarding the life of insects. I didn't know there was a Gerald Durrell in me but I found them interesting.
My friend told me that every year on the 21st of June, the cicadas punctually appear making their characteristic sound. 
The other thing had to do with the black beetles which in July come on my friend's stone staircase to die. We transferred two of them on a table, hoping that they would reconsider but they kept falling on their back and they finally threw themselves down and died. 
I took a photo of them while they were still alive. But as you can see they are heading towards the...cliff.