Tourist in Geneva

Geneva is less boring than it had seemed to me 27 years ago, during my first visit. Actually this time it looked pretty interesting, what with its multi culti population, the beautiful Lac Leman and its Jet d’Eau, the numerous Chinese and Russian tourists who were shopping at the most expensive fashion stores. Geneva is really expensive, but this goes for the whole of Switzerland, it has always been a very expensive country. That is why the inhabitants of Geneva prefer the super markets of nearby France where they do their shopping during the week end. I have also noticed that the Swiss are thin and slim, maybe it doesn't only have to do with the fact that they like sports, but also because food is so expensive. Just joking of course...

What did I do in Geneva? I walked a lot in the Old City Centre, visited the Cathedral, the Art and History Museum and the Ariana Museum with its collection of fine china and glass objects. It happened to be an Open Day at the United Nations premises, so I went there, too, and enjoyed some people from Thailand performing their local dances. It was a beautiful day, and the gardens of the UN overlooking the snowy Alps and the lake were fantastic. The nearby Botanical Gardens are also interesting and I am sorry I did not have enough time to visit the Museum of the Red Cross. I had time, however, for an exhibition at the Library of Geneva; its subject was catalogues, all kinds of inventories during the centuries. Its title From Clay to Cloud.

I am grateful to my good friend who invited me to stay with her and went out of her way with a five star superior hospitality. Actually the same friend had invited me to stay with her 27 years ago. I consider myself lucky and blessed to have such friends!