An unlucky lucky man or "every obstacle is for the best"

I was recently reminded of a tale, a well-known one, which I had heard before. The reason I’m repeating it is its interesting moral. In greek it reflects on the saying «every obstacle is for the best».

Once upon a time there lived a young villager who had a horse.
One day the horse disappeared and the neighbours came to the villager’s house to say:
“What bad luck!”
“Why do you say that?” he asked them. “What makes you think it’s bad luck”?
In a few days his horse found its way back and returned bringing along a wild pony.
“What good luck!” said the other villagers.
“What makes you think it’s good luck?” he asked them.
Some time later, as the young villager was riding the wild pony, he fell and broke his leg.
“What bad luck!” was the reaction of his friends and relatives.
“What makes you think it’s bad luck?” he asked.
A few days went by and the war broke out. All the young men of the village had to join the Army. Only one was allowed to stay home: the villager with the broken leg…