Water fountain show at a Leipzig department store

When you are a complete unknown in a city you don't know well, you tend to do things a tourist does. And sometimes you don't believe that you are doing these things.
I always had a snubbish attitude towards department stores, shopping malls etc. They weren't my cup of tea, to put it simply.
But here in Leipzig I am catching myself not only to look at the water fountain show at one big department store, but also to take pictures and videos of it, and to actually feel like an enthusiastic child when the central water column springs up to the ceiling.
And I must confess that the brand new shopping mall, with its glossy floors and its clean toilets is a place that I want to visit again and again, even if I had always been a passionate advocate against these claustrophobic buildings which are all similar and promote consumerism, junk food and a general waste of time masked as entertainment.
Here in Leipzig everything seems somehow different...